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SEA Games (South East Asia Games MTB Trail)

sea-games-trailIn 2007 the downhill mountain biking event of the SEA Games at Lam Ta Khong Dam in Korat the Thai's came out gold, The results were in the paper so we scoured the net for more information about where this event was held and then found the place on Google Earth.

We then set out to find you yet another mtb trail that was worthwhile riding which was quite a difficult task as the locals must have been sleeping when this event was on has none of them had heard about the event let alone watched their country men come first.

However not taking NO for an answer we managed to find the SEA games downhill track which wasn't much of a downhill really. But still worth the ride and again, not too far from Bangkok.


SEA Games (South East Asia Games MTB Trail)
This trail will follow the Mountain biking route backwards of the South East Asia Games (S.E.A. Games 2007). We are currently working on the trail to clear it hopefully it should be in use by the end of February.The track will be 95% off road following some singletrack trails and some fire roads.

There will be some medium to Hard climbs and some singletrack downhill.

If you wish to try this trail, below is a rough map of the trail which could be of some help. Most of the signs left over from the SEA games have fallen down we would advise doing the sea games trail backwards because the downhill is better and the up hill grade is less.

A good place to stop and eat if you are heading back to Bangkok is the restaurant or burger restaurant at Chok Chai Farm which is 30mins drive on the way back to Bangkok.

Below is a rough map of the trail, However this map isn't very accurate but gives some idea of the area of the trail. 

View SEA Games in a larger map