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Bicycle shops

Bicycle shops

A guide to the best and cheapest bike shops in Bangkok, for buying Mountain Bikes, Bicycles and cycling accessories.

Mountain Biking in Thailand is a relatively new sport and therefore can be very expensive if you8 don't know where the best shops are. As Bangkok locals we know where the best bike shops in Bangkok are. Going to the right shop can mean a difference to wallet of up to a few thousand baht. We learnt the hard way, so you don't have to.


Buying Mountain Bikes and Mountain bike accessories in Bangkok

If you are looking to do a tour on a bike of Southeast Asia or even if you live in southeast Asia then Bangkok is a reasonable place to pick up a decent quality and brand named bike. South east Asia is a good place for biking especially when you get out of the city centres. If you are travelling then your first stop will probably be Bangkok. And Bangkok is probably the best place in Thailand to get your bike.

Bringing your own bike. There are some advantages to bringing your own bike but a lot of disadvantages. Putting the bike on the plane and transportation of luggage etc can be a hassle so you would be far better off picking up a bike in Bangkok. When arriving at Bangkok Thailand your first reaction about cycling in the city would probably be 'it's dangerous' but its not as bad as you might think. As long as you keep to the left the drivers are fairly considerate. Another way is to put the bikes on the back of a Tuk Tuk this is an easy and safe way of traveling around Bangkok to and from train stations etc. The Trains will happily transport the bikes for you with no problems.

If you are looking to buy a bike in Bangkok you a better off having a good look around first especially if you are looking for a well known branded bike such as Trek, Meridia, Gary Fisher, Kona etc. In the city centre the prices are higher than if go to the suburbs.

Below are some Bikes Shops that we highly recommend, we have used these shops before and never have had any problems and their always very helpful.

XC life is a new shop and has mainly mountain bikes and road bikes, This shop has a good selection of accessories and bikes. They can also fit accessories, adjust bikes, repair bikes and clean bikes. The shop owner can speak English well and would happy to help. This shop is highly recommend if they don't have what you need they can order.    
Sahaphat Bicycles has all kinds of bikes, mainly mountain and road bikes. They have a large selection of mountain bike accessories mechanics ready to fit them.They can also fit accessories, adjust bikes, repair bikes and clean bikes. The owner can speak English very well and will always give you a fair price. We highly recommend this shop, we have never had any problems here and the staff are always there ready to help.