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Riding a Bicycle in Bangkok Thailand

picture 32Can you ride a bicycle in Bangkok?

The answer to this question surprisingly is, yes. There are even some cycle lanes in certain areas with elevated cycling paths in the Sukhumvit area and in the Banglamphu area near the famous Khaosan road there are free shopping type bicycles you can take out which are the brainchild of the present mayor of Bangkok in his first period of office along with the many cycling lanes in the area that have appeared in the last two years. 

Banglamphu Cycling Lanes

The cycle lanes in the Khaosan Road area are painted on the side of the road and are fairly easy to follow which will mean you won’t get lost but there are some problems. Most of the cycle lanes are parked on with cars which can result in having to ride into oncoming traffic so the best thing to do is ride carefully on the foot path to be safer. 

Places to See by Bicycle 

These cycling lanes lead you to some interesting little tourist sites such as Bangkok’s China Town, the Golden Mount Pagoda which at only 20 baht to enter is one of the best Temples in Bangkok and a great view point from which to see a 360 degree view of the city and Bangkok’s old prison which is now park. 

The Basic Rules for Riding on the Main Roads in Bangkok 

The main roads are always busy and can be dangerous for a cyclist but you will often see the locals on bikes peddling sausages or lottery tickets etc. If you do ride on the big roads then try to keep to the left and always remember the rule ' the biggest has right of way'. 

Another thing that you should try to practice is wave on coming motorbikes going the wrong way on the road over on to your right as they can see the traffic behind you but you can’t. It is also said that when riding on the road in Bangkok then ride in the center of the lane, cars will get angry and press their horns but at least they can see you in full view and riding this way can prevent accidents. 

The Best Places to Ride in Bangkok 

Where are the best places to ride a bike in Bangkok? You can ride bicycles in a lot of Bangkok’s parks. One of the biggest and nicest parks is at Phuttamonthon Sai 3 there are quiet roads to follow through the park with lakes and lots of wildlife to see, there is also a 7km mountain bike trail to follow. 

Riding on Elevated Footpaths 

Other good places to ride are the local sois (lanes) these places are usually quiet and don't have much traffic and can follow narrow roads and Klongs (canals). You will often see small shops to buy refreshments if needed. You could almost mistake yourself for being in another city in some sois. The noise from the traffic is lost and trees and local Thai houses make good scenery. 

Cycling Tour Companies in Bangkok

There are also tour companies that can take you on short trips. These trips take you over bridges down local sois and through temples avoiding the main roads. Some are at night and some are combined with long tail boat rides. 

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