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Bangkok, Phuttamonthon XC Single Track Trail

thailand mtbBangkok MTB Cross Country Territory? 

If you’ve ever visited Bangkok then you would be forgiven for writing the city off as cross country mountain biking territory. For one the city is a giant metropolis with traffic so bad and so many roads that public parks are scarce and national parks or country parks are non-existent. 

An MTB-XC Track Close to Bangkok? 

But there is a great XC single track not too far away from the hustle and bustle of city in beautiful Phuttamonthon Park, Phuttamonthon Sai See (Sai 4) just an hour away from Sukhumvit and only 30 minutes away from the Khaosan Road area that's easily reachable by taxi or tuk-tuk or even better if you live here and have your own transport. 

Phuttamonthon Park MTB XC Trail 

The trail is 7 km of flat single track but don't let this put you off. The trail which is well looked after is purpose built for XC mountain biking and is a nice fast track. It consists of switch backs and rises and dips in places with small burms that weave in and out of the trees and small plank bridges that connect the track over small becks. The trail is a great introduction to single track mountain biking and a good bit of exercise, often used for training by seasoned semi pros. This trail is great fun and only about 30 minutes to one hour drive (depending on the traffic of course) from the center of Bangkok. 

Wildlife in the Park 

The park is full of wild life including giant terrapins and a protected species of giant Malaysian monitor lizards known as Tua Thong Tua Nguen (gold body, silver body) in Thai which should not be provoked as according to Bear Grills of ‘Man against Wild’ Fame once these beasts get hold of you they don’t let go. However do not be afraid of the giant monitors they often lay basking on the track but are used to the MTB traffic and will soon move when they see you coming. 

Finding the Trail 

The trail can be quite difficult to find but you can find a map of the park on the Mountain Bike Tours Thailand website. To find the trail go to the far end of the park (the opposite corner of the park from the entrances). There is a straight canal running parallel to the road near the trail and the start of the trail across from the canal, look for a small sign nailed to a tree showing the start of the trail. Once you have found the start point the trail is easy to follow and it is marked every so often showing the with signs showing the distance to the end of the trail.

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