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Chiang Mai Multi Day Tours - Mountain Biking and Hiking Tours

Multi Day Hike and Mountain Biking Chiang Mai

All trips are divided by difficulty levels to fit your needs.

FULL SUSPENSION MOUNTAIN BIKE, helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads,chest protector, Bike Top

1 liter water , LUNCH at destination

Shorts and shirt, sport shoes, extra shirt and shorts Light rain coat in rainy season .

plastic to protect camera etc. day pack ( we have one for you if you don't have one).


intermediate pageTrip#13
Hike and Bike Adventure
1 days:
1,750 THB
2 days:
2,700 THB

Fully guided climb up to Doi Pui National Park summit. From here after a long deserved lunch break at the Hmong village (1400m elev.) we descend by bike down to lake Huay Tung Thao

Hike Uphill / Ride Downhill

trip13 combo2 day:
After trekking up Doi Pui Mnt. through the heart of Suthep National park,
we spend the night at the Hmong hill tribe village where our bikes are waiting for us
for the next day's Downhill ride to Lake Huay Tung Thao.

1 day:
If you are in good shape and happen to be a good rider you can tackle
this challenge in a long 1 day .
After a long lunch break at the Mong Village (1400m elev.) we descent by bike down to Lake Hay Tung Thao.

9:30 am-3:30 pm. All year rain or shine
Trip: Suthep National Park

Location: Mountain 5400 feet elevation , above Chiang Mai
Biking time: Hiking: 3,5 hrs, 15 km - Biking: 3 hrs
Elevation change : 4000 feet (1300 m)
Riding Conditions: 50% uphill trekking, 50% downhill off road riding
Flora: Lowland jungle, highland pine forest
Levels: Beginner/Intermediate
Personal fitness: Above average
Instructions: Yes


intermediate pageTrip#14
2 Day Highlander
4,500 THB

A lengthy uphill ride along the lush northeast side of Suthep National Park brings us to the Hmong village to spend the night and ride down the following day to Lake Huay Tung Thao
Off Road 1 Day Uphill / 1 Day Downhill

elevator trip2Our 4 wheel drive transportation takes us to the north west end of Doi Pui Mountain From here we start our lengthy climb up to Doi Pui mtn. The gradual climb brings us to the divide where we drop deep into a highland jungle gully between two mountains. At 3200 feet elevation we notice the tropical forest emerging from the pine woods, with huge banana leaves and plenty of bamboo filtering the light.
Once at the bottom of the gully we begin a long and rewarding uphill back to 3800 feet, some ride, some walk, concentrating and preserving energy on the way to our summit.
We Continue to climbing the road up to the hill tribe village at the end of the forest trail
Once at the Mong village we enjoy a late lunch/early dinner under the watchfully eyes of the village kids. Here we spend the night and refresh our senses with the cool mountain air. The next morning after breakfast we prepare for an relaxing and scenic day riding down to Huay Tung Thao lake where a well deserved lunch awaits us.

When: Daily 9:30 am-4:30 pm. All year rain or shine
Trip: Doi Pui to Maesa Valley

Location: Mountain 5400 feet elevation, above Chiang Mai
Biking time: Approx: 4 hrs, 35 km
Elevation change: From 5400 feet (1600 m) down to 3200(1100 m) up to 4100 feet and down to 1200 feet (400 m)
Riding Conditions: 75% downhill, rarely used dirt road
Flora: Pine forest, jungle, plantations
Levels: Motivated beginners through experts
Personal fitness: Good
Instructions: Yes


 intermediate pageTrip#15
2 Day Himalayan
5,500 THB

After a rewarding day of riding to the top of Pakia Mnt. (1750m) with incredible views of the Chiang Dao Mountain range, we spend the night at the summit in comfort to descend the next day into Mae Taman Valley / Mae Taeng Valley

Off Road 1 Day Uphill / 1 Day Downhill
elevator trip5A short 1 hr drive takes us to the base of 5700 foot high Pakia mountain right next to the famous Doi Chiang Dao mountain range "The last tooth of the Himalayas". This well shaded uphill bike ride to Pakia Summit becomes more and more rewarding as we approach the top with its breath taking views of Doi Chiang Dao. We spend a peace full night in the cool air of Pakia mountain. The following day we cruise one of the many trails down the mountain depending your skill level. This is a truly remarkable experience and is reserved for the fit nature buff.

When: 8:30 am-5:30 pm
Trip: 1 st day ride up to Pakia Summit . 2nd day descent to Mae Taeng Valley

Location: Mountain 5700 feet elevation near Chiang Dao
Biking time: uphill approx: 5 hrs, 25 km, DH approx: 3-4 hrs : 35 km-45km
Elevation change: from 5700 feet (1700m) down to 1300 feet (450m)
Riding Conditions: 1 st day 90 % uphill and 2nd day 90% downhill, rarely used dirt road
Flora: Pine forest, jungle, plantations, farmland
Levels: Intermediate through experts
Personal fitness: above average
Instructions: Yes (I hope not)