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Bangkok by Bicycle, Sightseeing Night Tour

Bangkok Bicycle Night Sightseeing Tour. Cycle around unseen Bangkok in the night for an exciting look at The City of Angels, mysterious temples and untravelled suburbia.
There are many mtb and cycling tour operators in Bangkok and these companies offer some really nice bike and long tailed boat cycling tours. As Bangkok locals we did a bit of research into what the cycling visitors/tourists coming to Bangkok were looking for and put together a great new exciting night ride that takes you through the City of Angels at our favourite time of day, when you will see this giant metropolis lit up in all its glory.

Bangkok by Bike at night Sightseeing Tour around unseen Bangkok

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Bangkok at night Cycling Tour

Bangkok by bike at night

bkknight4This night time bicycle tour is a new way to see Bangkok. The trip runs every day from near Khaosan road.

Starting Near khasan road we will first ride past Jao Far art museum and towards the famous Chao Praya river. We will then ride along the side of the river with a full view of Rama VIII bridge. Passing local fishermen we head for Sunti Chai Prakar park then through some small back soi's and over Rama VIII bridge. The river is crossed give you some excellent opertortunitise to take some photos. After passing over the Chao Praya river we bike through some more soi's head for Bangkok Noi railway station and aventually arrive at one of Bangkoks popular icons, Wat Arun Amarin. Wat Arun at night is spectacularly lit up at night. Next is to cross back over the river on Saphan Phut (Phut Bridge. We then cycle to the flower market where you will see lots of flower sellers bringing in fresh flowers for the market sellers. Finally we head back to Khaosan road area where the trip ends.

The Rama VIII Bridge
bkknight5You will cycle over this bridge on the night tour. It officially opened on September 20, 2002. The bridge consists of one pylon located one-third of the distance from the northwest end of the bridge. The stunning Golden suspension cables extened from the pylon to the road surface. The Bridge spans the width of the Chao Phraya River and is aproximatly 2.45km long. The bridge is named after the eighth monarch of the Chakri dynasty, King Ananda Mahidol. It has become a notable tourist attraction, and is depicted on the back of the Series 15 20-baht banknote, behind a portrait of King Ananda Mahidol. Some nights the entire bridge is litup and becomes very popular at the Song kran festival.

Wat Arun (temple of dawn)
The temple was built in Thailand's ancient Ayutthaya period and first known as Wat Makok (The Olive Temple). Thonburi was then the capital and King Taksin changed the name to Wat Chaeng. The Wat used to keep the Emerald Buddha, which was moved to Wat Phra Kaew in 1784.
Later King Rama II changed the name to Wat Arunratchatharam. He restored the temple and enlarged the central prang. The work was finished by King Rama III. King Rama IV gave the temple the present name Wat Arunratchawararam.
It may be named "Temple of the Dawn" because the first light of morning reflects off the surface of the temple with a pearly iridescence. Steep steps lead to the two terraces. The height is reported by different sources as between 66,80 m and 86 m. The corners are surrounded by 4 smaller satellite prangs. The prangs are decorated by seashells and bits of porcelain which had previously been used as ballast by boats coming to Bangkok from Chinaame Wat Arunratchawararam.

Pak Klong Flower Market
flowermarketThere are lots of flower markets in Bangkok but this is one of the most famous ones. The market sell many different types of fresh flowers along with fruit and vegetables. The flowers are beautifully setup by the vedors flowers such as lotus and colourful roses. The flowers arrive at the market early in the morning by boat or by lorry from other provences around Thailand.

Night trip visits:
* Chao Prya river
* Wat Arun
* Rama VIII
* Pak Klong Talat (flower market)
Night trip includes:
* Water
* Guide
* Helmet
* Bicycle

Time Length - Trips start at 6.00 pm and last about 4 hours.(20km)

Ride Includes - Mountain Bike, Helmet, Guide.
Price - 1200 Thai Baht (approx 34 USD) prices may have changed

(to book this trip go to the bicycle shop on Samsen Soi 2 near Khaosarn road)

Or go this website Velo Thailand.

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Bangkok at night tour
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Approx 4 hours.


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Every evening